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Alex & Niko Charles & Alice picture what “tiny pleasures” can be, for an en-chanting break. Fresh, cute, endearing.

Peter Dietrich cleverly illustrates how racists are stupid through the eyes of a zombie.

For Lindt new collection of chocolate coated fruits, Jean-Marc Gosse takes us to the closest of the fruits and chocolate with this fresh and tempting film.

François Nemeta, king of viral, shot this Heineken campaign featuring football legends Ruud Gullit and Carlos Puyol all across Vietnam for the UEFA Euro 2016.

Didier Borgel-Hansen illustrates with humor how picking the wrong color for your home can become a nightmare.

For Hiper broadband provider, Christian Lyngbye delivers this uber cool lifestyle piece.
Off the beaten track, with shots you will hardly see anywhere else in commercials.

To promote NGO Le Nid, which fights against causes and consequences of prostitution, Agathe Riedinger shows the “behind the scenes” of a prostitute’s life. Beware, can be disturbing.

Peter Dietrich revisits the italo-american gangster movie with Pizzeti Snacks.
Dialogue & performance driven, with strong art direction, this truly funny, entertaining and cinematographic commercial will give you a good laugh.

For the Celion Winter collection « Gravity » campaign, Rafael Levy uses movement & inversions for a graphic, intriguing & sexy film.
Rafael’s unique sense of style.

Sehsucht created for Lexus an impressionistic film that would transport the senses to pure ecstasy. The film takes us on a tour through various style-blending narratives, driving across futuristic, organic and graphics structures.

What happens when little kids get to play in toy paradise? Girls with dolls and boys with cars? Well, not so simple. Alex & Nico did a test, and proved us wrong. The result is an endearing, cute film for SuperU no-gender toy catalog.

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