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Nobrain teams up with McDonalds once more and takes us on a crazy journey through a Monopoly 3D board. Thrilling!

Chinese idol Kris Wu asked Gil Green to direct his last music video. For those of you who don’t know Kris yet, he will be in Luc Besson’s next feature “ Valerian”.

IClaudius’ collaboration with Philips keeps on going. This time for Sonicare he gets to have MissWorld on camera for a beautiful film.

Waiting for Christmas can be really long, especially for kids. Sophie Boudre signs a really nice comedy for Kinder that reminds us grown-ups how long that wait could be. Cute.

Christian Lyngbye’s fruitful collaboration with Samsung continues.
Strong storytelling, performance-driven comedy...what Christian does best.

We are very happy & proud about Didier Borgel-Hansen winning a Gold Epica for Samsung Galaxy.
Congrats buddy!

Christian Lyngbye's second opus of a 3 films campaign for Samsung.

We are proud to welcome new director YummyLab in our roster!
Food shots, comedy, stop-motion, with serious SFX skills, and a slick art direction, YummyLab takes on a fresh approach and adds a modern touch to food films.

Alex&Nico made Danonki the coolest kid snack !
Fun, stylish, energetic, their film is an ode to childhood, and reminds us what it was playing around with our gang.

Mischievous women! With just a kiss they can steal your heart… or your coffee.
Didier Borgel-Hansen delivers another cute comedy for Nescafé.

Henri Barges signs a full set of title sequence for Dubai TV.
Beautiful, strong art direction & stunning CGI.
Typically Henri’s touch.

François Nemeta proves to be the director of choice for prank films, again!
This time he teams up with Manchester City’s player Yaya Touré for Nissan.
No spoiler here. Check it out!

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